Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fake Jack Capuano Twitter makes fans laugh

Fake twitter accounts are nothing new to the New York Islanders.  Fans have set up accounts in the names of several players including Zenon Konopka and Kyle Okposo. Now you can add Isles interm head coach to that list of fake accounts.
@Capuanos_Hair was set up after one lifelong Islanders fan saw the season turn from bad to Bizarre. “I created it the day we all learned how Evgeni Nabokov hung up on Garth Snow,” Not Jack Capuano, the name which is in his byline, said in an email response. “That was the moment the season officially went from bad to bizarre. Suddenly everything was funny, even the coach’s hair.”
Since then “Not Jack Capuano” has documented Islander excursions ranging from a nightmarish trip up the New Jersey Turnpike to more recently documenting a day in Walt Disney world. All tweets using the scope that the Islanders players are a group of kids and Capuano is a father like figure.

“I started imaging the players as little kids and Jack Capuano as a kind of coach/foster parent. I tweeted: ‘Cleaned out my car this morning in case I have to pick up Nabby. Mostly Matt Martin's crayons and juice boxes. Glad it's a rental.”

So where does @Capuanos_Hair come up with all of his crazy scenarios?
“A lot come from just imaging the players as little kids, and running with that,” the fake Capuano tweeter responded with. “Some come out of team news. And a few tweets get prompted by readers. One day @

And it’s not only a one person affair; his wife even helps out with the account.

“My wife started getting into the spirit of the thing and came up with a couple of those tweets and she was all over the Disney adventure, Not Jack Capuano said in the email. “ She hates hockey. But she loves @Capuanos_Hair.”
With the Islanders season winding down and the real Jack Capuano’s future as head coach still uncertain @Capuanos_Hair has no intention of slowing down with the tweets and hopes that the interim head coach returns for next season.
“I have no plans to stop, although the summer could be a challenge for material. I hope as a fan and as @Capuanos_Hair that he’ll be back behind the bench next year. He’s earned it.
Make sure to follow him: @Capuanos_Hair

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