Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Randy Moller may be the Craziest Play by Play Man in Hockey

Our friends over at WCWP Sports have discovered a man many hockey fans are already familiar with, Randy Moller, the play by play man for the Florida Panthers. If you haven't heard some of of Moller's work then let me try and sum it up, simply unique.

Moller is unique because with ever goal call he incorporates a pop culture reference into the call that has nothing to do with the game. He has used quotes from movies such as Castaway, Wedding Crashers, Forest Gump, and Jaws just to name a few. It's an interesting style to use but somehow he has managed to master. Check it out for yourself.

One thing to note as well, Moller is not a pop culture encyclopedia, as it may seem, he has some help. In conjunction with the Dan Le Batard show, which is on the same radio station as Panther games, fans and the show come up with ideas and phrases for Randy Moller to say and he then picks out the ones he likes best and uses them in games.

It's one way to draw in fans to a game broadcast, but a method that would not work in 27 of the 30 NHL Markets. Since Florida is a non traditional hockey market and flies under the radar from most of the hockey world, Moller's "unique" goal calls will continue to entertain south beach hockey fans and will go are uncriticized from the rest of the hockey world.

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